Ramona Robins For Medicine Hat City Council

The Name you know and trust!


Land Acknowledgment

 I would like to acknowledge that I reside on Treaty 7 and Treaty 4 territory – the ancestral and traditional lands of the Siksika (Blackfoot), Piikani (Peigan), Stoney-Nakoda and Tsuuti’ina (Sarcee) a well as the Cree, Sioux and the Saulteaux bands of the Ojibwa peoples. I acknowledge that I am on the homelands of the Metis and honour all First Nations and Inuit whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries. 


About me

Who am I?

Let me put my description as I prioritize it – mother (of twins), daughter, sister, aunt, friend, citizen, musician, storyteller, and former Chief Crown Prosecutor of Medicine Hat.  I stepped down from being Chief Crown Prosecutor in July 2021 to take on a new role assisting all Regional Crown offices in a management capacity.

Why am I running?

I want my children to have a wonderful childhood full of happy memories of all the great things to do in sunny Medicine Hat.  I want my parents to enjoy their retirement without worries about what is happening around them.  I want all citizens to have the services they need to have the best and safest lives possible.  When I look at the people currently on council and running for council I do not see anyone who is exactly like me – a working mom with young kids to care for and older parents to worry about.  I do not see shared values with the current Council (and have not for a long time) and that concerns me greatly – greatly enough to leave my leisure time behind to work for the citizens of Medicine Hat.


Candidate #31

Election Day: October 18, 2021

As a voter looking at candidates for the upcoming municipal election I had trouble finding anything of substance beyond the political signs exploding all over the boulevards in Medicine Hat.  I tried to find information about platforms to be able to find any candidate with shared values.  There are certainly a lot of candidates but not many with something substantive to say and very few with values that match my own.  Once I realized only 20% of the candidates were women I knew I needed to become a candidate to give people more options for greater representation.  Even though it seems there are a lot of options with over 30 people running when you look closely there are very few people with a serious platform that you know you can trust.



I will make sound and ethical financial decisions

Steward of your tax dollars

As a steward of funds received from and on behalf of the citizens, I will ensure that low risk decisions are made that benefit the whole community.  Taking chances with public funds is not the role of a City Councillor so I will ask detailed questions about all proposed expenditures, budgets, resources and debts to make sure the funds that belong to the citizens of Medicine Hat are used appropriately with any conflicts of interest.  No Council should make any decision that harms the financial interests of Medicine Hat and its citizens now or in the future.  I will listen carefully to ways to encourage and promote growth in the Medicine Hat economy but will ask detailed questions about every possible impact and costs of that growth on the citizens of Medicine Hat.

I will talk about COVID-19 openly

Bouncing back stronger than ever!

We are all living through a crisis that has affected our mental, physical and financial health.  As a City Councillor I will support citizens and businesses so that we can bounce back from this crisis quickly but thoughtfully.   We must never forget all of the citizens who lost their lives during the pandemic have family and friends who loved them.  We need to grieve the people we have lost and the carefree lives we had before March 2020.  Then we need to move forward as stronger neighbours, Council and City by rebuilding and renewing.  To do this I will ask many questions and seek a variety of opinions from Citizens about their priorities in a post-pandemic world.

I will support our Seniors

Valuing the wisdom and experience

Since March 2020 life has been very difficult for our Senior citizens in Medicine Hat.  Their social lives, church attendance, ability to attend funerals of loved ones and recreational opportunities were limited, grocery and other costs have been rising and they have lived in great fear of their health if infected during the pandemic.  As City Councillor I will prioritize the needs of this often-overlooked group of citizens and work toward new ways to make their lives more enriched through connection to other generations (especially children) and to address their increasing financial costs and recreational needs.  We can learn so much through the experience of this generation and seeking their wisdom will lead to better decision making by Council.

Business People Talking

I will continue to advocate for Social Justice Issues

For a Better Future

We have seen a wave of large social issues in Medicine Hat and as a City Councillor I will lead the City to address these issues in a meaningful way.  I will ask questions about current programs and make sure that all funds distributed by the City are having the impact that is intended and ask for accountability from each program funded.


  • I will prioritize Mental Health discussions to remove the stigma around this issue.   It is ok to say you are not ok.  To do this I will work with private citizens who are already leading the way with innovative ideas and provide opportunity for greater partnership with the City to expand the reach of Mental Health initiatives.

  • I will make sure those suffering from homelessness are safe and secure but also to make sure that the funding is used for a short term and change the focus to long term solutions for the homeless not just temporarily get them off the street.  We have not solved this problem and need to be realistic about what success looks like.

  • Many citizens have died from drug overdoses in Medicine Hat.  Each of them was someone’s child, sibling, friend or parent.  I will work with community groups, addictions workers, various neighbourhood leaders to find a safe and meaningful way to support those suffering from addiction to get their lives back and for their families and friends to leave behind the constant fear they will lose their loved one in an avoidable tragedy.

  • I have also reviewed the City’s policies and found that there is a lot of work to do to meet the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Report and I would push the other Councillors to make that a priority so that we can understand the past, make overdue changes and move to a future with better connection with our Indigenous citizens.

I will work hard to maintain the Quality of Life of each citizen of Medicine Hat

Making Medicine Hat a better place to live

I moved to Medicine Hat in 1998 from Northern Alberta to start my career. I expected to stay for a few years at most but I found a community that gave me a great quality of life at a reasonable cost and here I am 21 years later with no intention of ever leaving. I even convinced my siblings and parents to move here and enjoy all the advantages of our beautiful City. I chose to have children and raise them here.  It is my vision that my children have wonderful memories of their childhood doing the things we all know and love in Medicine Hat – camping at Gas City, splashing in the water parks, skating on a rink, taking swimming lessons in the sunshine, taking their bikes out for a trip along the path system. There are so many great things about being a child in Medicine Hat and as a City Councillor I want to make sure those things are preserved and maintained for future generations. I will advocate for keeping recreation and parks in the neighbourhoods where everyone can access them and to keep the costs of using the recreational facilities at a reasonable level so every citizen can enjoy them.  As I travel to other places in Canada and beyond I will seek out other City Halls and City Councils to promote our wonderful City and to seek ideas about how City Council can improve its service to the citizens of Medicine Hat.


Get Involved

Thank you for reading this section.  I’m a very independent person so asking for help is hard for me but I do need some assistance and I appreciate anything that you can help with so here are some options:

  1. Like my Facebook page and share it with your friends!   The link is below at the bottom of this page or you can search Ramona Robins for City Council!

  2. I’ll be updating this site often with ideas and videos so please keep sharing when you see new content!

  3. If you would like a lawn sign – let me know and a volunteer will drop it off for you!

  4. Lawn signs cost money…so if you are inclined to make a donation to my campaign it would help me tremendously!  You can etransfer to voteforramona@gmail.com .  There are rules about campaign funding so if your donation is more than $50 I need to do a financial report with your name and address but if your donation is under $50 that is not necessary.  Every contribution helps.

  5. Volunteering – in late September and October I will be blitzing the City with pamphlets – I’ll need a pretty big group of people willing to walk and distribute them.  It will not be traditional door knocking (as I hate when people do that to me!) but just popping a pamphlet into as many mail boxes as possible with some information about me to help people make an informed choice.  If you can volunteer to take a walk or two around the city please let me know!

  6. Vote!  Voter turnout for the last municipal election was pretty low – 34.61% and I know we can do better than that.  Please grab a friend or two, pick up your grandma and grandpa and head to your local polls on Monday October 18th.  You can pick up to 8 Councillors and you are the ones who will make the change!